Education Data Technical Assistance Program's Statewide Longitudinal Data System Sustainability Toolkit

This brief summarizes best practices and provides resources related to sustaining statewide longitudinal data systems. It is based on a four-part framework for sustainability: stakeholder support, ensuring widespread use, financial support, and return on investment. Companion resources include a sustainability planning tool and a sustainability self-assessment.

Self-Assessment of Financing Strategies Tool

This planning tool provides a matrix for examining financing strategies by looking at their advantages and ways to enhance them, disadvantages and ways to mitigate them, and other possible benefits.

Putting it Together: A Guide to Financing Comprehensive Services in Child Care and Early Education

This guide describes state policy strategies that look beyond the major sources of child care and early education funding and consider alternative federal financing sources to bring comprehensive services into early childhood settings. It provides state policymakers and advocates with approaches that facilitate the innovative use of funds, encourage partnerships at the state and local level, and replicate promising models from other States.

Spending Smarter A Funding Guide for Policymakers and Advocates to Promote Social and Emotional Health and School Readiness

This guide describes effective programs, highlights policy opportunities, and offers fiscal strategies to promote the emotional health of young children and their families. It provides state and local leaders with strategies to maximize existing funding streams, with a focus on maximizing federal funding.