Costs modeling

Provider Cost of Quality Calculator Demonstration

This five minute video provides an overview of the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator, including how to enter data and how to access additional resources. The Provider Cost of Quality Calculator is a cost modeling tool that is designed to assist with calculating the cost associated with different aspects of early childhood services. The tool helps State policymakers understand the costs associated with delivering high-quality early care and education.

Professional Development System Cost Analysis Tool

This tool is designed to help States and Territories understand current investments and target resources for professional development systems and initiatives that result in a well-qualified early childhood and school-age workforce. It generates data analyses related to workforce qualifications and professional development investments, defines and categorizes workforce investments, and estimates annual costs to advance the workforce from one level of qualification towards the next.

A Guide to Calculating the Cost of Quality Early Care and Education

This brief provides a process and model for estimating the current cost of early care and education and the marginal cost of raising the quality of the system. The authors argue that estimating the cost of high-quality early care and education programs and systems involves looking critically at three distinct cost categories: direct service costs, infrastructure costs, and capital costs. The brief provides a roadmap for the process of evaluating these factors, as well as menus of items to consider in defining and estimating the cost of higher-quality systems of early care and education.

Cost Estimation Model

This online tool is designed to help state administrators determine costs of implementing all elements of a quality rating and improvement system and explore scale-up options. The tool can be used to estimate the cost per year of phasing in such a system, the cost of certain elements, or the overall cost of a fully implemented system.

Lessons from Cost Modeling: The Link Between ECE Business Management and Program Quality

This policy brief describes the linkages between early childhood program operating cost and program quality, and the impact that this has on programs. It offers a shared services approach as a potential mechanism to reduce costs and increase quality.