Activity 2 PDG B-5 Strategic Plan

PDG B-5 grantees are required to develop or revise a strategic plan that supports collaboration and coordination among existing ECE programs in a mixed delivery system with a state or territory. The plan will focus on establishing and maintaining an ECE system designed to support all children and their families, but particularly those identified as most vulnerable by their state or territory. Each state or territory’s PDG B-5 Strategic Plan will identify goals and action steps to directly address the specific areas for improvement identified in the needs assessment and reflect a comprehensive systems-plan approach. Grantees have the opportunity to create their strategic plan in a way that best fits their needs, and should establish the strategies that fit the needs of the participants involved in the work and invested in the outcome.

These resources were created to support PDG B-5 grantees in creating strategic plans for comprehensive, mixed-delivery systems for children and families:

Strategic Planning Guidance and Crosswalk

Strategic Plan Community of Conversation (CoC) Part 1

Strategic Plan Community of Conversation (CoC) Part 2

PDG B-5 Engagement Strategies Webinar Series