Activity 1 PDG B-5 Needs Assessment

PDG B-5 grantees are required to conduct or update a periodic, statewide birth through five (B-5) needs assessment of the availability and quality of existing programs in the state or territory, including programs serving the most vulnerable or underserved populations and children in rural areas; to the extent practicable, the unduplicated number of children being served in existing programs; and, to the extent practicable, the unduplicated number of children awaiting service in such programs. The intent of this needs assessment is to provide states and territories an opportunity to engage a strong stakeholder base; bring together data identifying strengths and gaps in populations, services, and supports; and examine the extent to which state or territory agencies and systems are working together collaboratively and effectively on behalf of young children at risk and their families. The desired outcome of this effort is a comprehensive perspective on what works on behalf of the populations needing services, where gaps exist, what related needs look like, and where grantees can best focus funding and support.

These resources were created to support PDG B-5 grantees in their work establishing and carrying out the needs assessment process:

Needs Assessment Guidance, Crosswalk and Communities of Conversations (CoC)

PDG B-5 Fundamentals of Data Integration Webinar and Resources

PDG B-5 Early Childhood Data Analytics: Distinct Count of Children Served

PDG B-5 and IDEA Part C and 619